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About Us

Sage West Consultants was formed to create the High Performance Building Ordinance for the Town of Taos. SWC principals are William M. Brown, Alix W. Henry, and Maija D. West. Our project team shares substantial knowledge and professional experience to meet and exceed the selection criteria proposed by the Town of Taos. Our team members live in the community and represent many years of attention to the region, its beauty, its history, its amenities, and its needs and demands. Sage West Consultants will be pleased to provide further information about its principals upon request.

Knowledge of the design and construction of sustainable buildings.
Our principals are well familiar with model energy codes, Town of Taos Land Use and Development Code (LUDC), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) International Building Code, and the International Residential Code. We show co-ownership of a construction and development company that successfully incorporated sustainable and marketable building techniques. We have built and live in our own homes that incorporate sustainable methods and materials. We demonstrate knowledge and experience in general and specific engineering, sociological and economic principles of sustainable development.

Knowledge of sustainable building programs at the municipal and national levels.
Our principals demonstrate familiarity and practice with the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement signed by the Town of Taos and more than 850 cities and towns across the United States; ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, of which the Town of Taos is a recent member; the U.S. Green Building Council – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and its implementation in the Rocky Mountain region; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy “Energy Star” Programs; Smart Communities Network – Green Building Codes/Ordinances, among other ongoing sustainable development programs.

Professional education and experience of the individuals involved in the project.
Our professional education and experience is exemplary for this project. Our principals have advanced degrees in Architecture, Law and Civil Engineering; and membership in the New Mexico and California State Bars, worldwide experience on sustainability projects, and practical experience in developing ordinances serving communities in California, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

Knowledge of the local natural environment and construction industry in the Taos region.
Our principals have designed and managed the construction of residential and commercial buildings in Taos, and co-owned a local engineering and construction company. We have worked closely with real estate and construction principals in Taos. We have represented Taos and communities throughout northern New Mexico in understanding the regional and local natural environment in terms of land use, water, energy, and environmental policy. Our principals have contributed to understanding the natural environment and the construction and energy industries through frequent publication of articles in local newspapers and the Taos Green Guide to Sustainable Living. Our principals make frequent public presentations on these and related topics in our community and throughout the American Southwest, either in person or via radio broadcasts and networking via the Internet.